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summer season

With the summer season having arrived, food tends to spoil easily. It is important to ensure that the food is stored properly in the refrigerator and not left outside. It is easy to have a case of food poisoning in such a weather.

Here are some pointers as to what to do in case of food poisoning:

If you or your is vomiting repeatedly, stop all solids and liquids. Give time for the digestive system to settle down. Then gradually start with water – about half a glass that should be sipped and finished in 30mins. If there is no vomiting, after another 30mins consume nimbu pani (ors). Again about 100 ml that should be sipped. You follow this with some coconut water after 2 hours. Then slowly and steadily build it up.

If you or your child is having loose motions – again follow the above protocol. In addition, after every motion eat 1 tsp esabgol mixed in half cup of yogurt. Follow this with ors.

In severe cases consult your doctor.

Build up the diet slowly and gradually. Take care and stay healthy. Take the necessary precautions to avoid any such episodes.


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