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Diet To Help Get Pregnant

Diet To Help Get Pregnant

Fertility Nutrition

Nutrition during infertility

Fitness and nutrition are not just important for a healthy and illness free life, but also for conception and trouble-free pregnancy.  Many women, unable to get pregnant, do not realise that obesity and weight problems are two easily fixed culprits that could be the roadblock between them and motherhood. Let’s not forget that healthy fertility nutrition helps get pregnant faster.

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    Research suggests that -

    • Obese/overweight women are three times more likely to suffer infertility than women with normal weight.
    • They are more likely to need ovulation induction and assisted conception.
    • Obese/overweight women are more likely to experience pregnancy loss once pregnant, and elevated miscarriage rates.
    • Being obese/overweight affects chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.
    Best Diet For Conception

    Studies have also shown that if overweight/obese women lose even 10% of their body weight before an infertility treatment, the chances of conceiving increases by almost 30%. However, while maintaining your weight, it’s important that you get the right nutrition to get pregnant

    At Kanupriya we aim to help you fight the weight and suggest you best diet for conception and deliver a healthy child.

    The weight loss program at Kanupriya targets gradual and steady weight loss that can be maintained, and at the same time ensures that all individual nutritional requirements are met. No diet plan should make an individual feel hungry, weak, or fatigued. No diet plan should lead to any nourishment imbalances. So while we provide a wholesome and easy to follow diet plan to help you get pregnant, we also help plan out “cheat/indulgence day” management.

    It is never too late to start shedding those few extra kilos that are standing between you and your dreams. Call us today and we shall, together, move towards a healthier life.

    Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition

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    Diet During Lactation Period

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    Dietician For Children

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