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A new study published last month compared children who were born with a birth weight less that 2.5 kgs (low birth weight) with normal birth weight children (birth weight more than 2.5kgs). They found that low birth weight kids had greater risks for the following later on in life as compared to normal birth weight kids:

1. Cognitive difficulties
2. Lower verbal IQ
3. Poorer coordination abilities 
4. Diabetes
5. High blood pressure
6. Cardiovascular disease

It is well known that:

• Nutrition is the key to a happy mother and a healthy child.
• An expectant mother’s diet decides what nutrients the child gets from the fetal to the complete development stage.
• An expecting mother’s medical health and eating habits indicate how her nutrition intake should be customized.

At Kanupriya, throughout your nine months, I will not only help you simplify and understand your and your baby’s nutritional needs, but also differentiate between fact and myth. As your pregnancy progresses, I will guide you with the foods to start including in your daily diet, in what quantity and how frequently.

Ultimately, at Kanupriya, we endeavor to help you and your baby have a healthy, happy and love filled journey. After all your baby deserves the best there is, and so do you.…/low-birth-weight-kids-at-higher-r…


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