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Dietary Needs for Adults During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dietary Needs for Adults During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Taking proper care of your diet during this pandemic is extremely crucial. People who are eating a well-balanced diet and keeping themselves well hydrated are healthier with a strong immune system as compared to people who are eating processed and packaged food. But most people must be wondering what is a balanced diet during this pandemic? In this article we will be covering nutrition advice for adults during COVID-19 including what you should eat and avoid.
Dietary recommendations during the COVID-19:
• Eat freshly cooked food, but make sure you don't overcook vegetables as this can lead to
loss of important vitamins.
• Eat fresh fruits, especially ones which are rich in Vitamin C like mango, kiwi, sweet lime,
peach, etc
• Include whole grains like oats, millets, brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat in your daily
diet. Keeping a variety of grains in your diet will also keep your food exciting.
• As we all know; water is crucial for a healthy body. It helps in transporting nutrients in the
blood, regulates your body temperature, eliminates toxins and lubricates your joints. So keep
yourself well hydrated.
• Consume nuts, fox nuts, sprouts, fresh fruits as snacks
• Consume protein foods like lentils and pulses, milk and dairy, eggs, chicken, etc.
The optimum quantities are as follows:
• Fruits = 2 cups (4 servings)
• Vegetables = Eat 2.5 cups (5 servings)
• Grains = 180g
• Meat and beans = 160g
• Water = 8-10 glasses everyday
Dietary Needs for Adults During the COVID-19 Outbreak:
Other recommendations:
Don’t compromise on your sleep and do plenty of physical exercise to stay active.
Maintaining sound mental health is also important to fight against this difficult time. If you feel
your mental health is deteriorating, seek counselling and psychological support from a
trained health care professional.
What you should avoid
• Eliminate foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt.
• Avoid red meat
• Eliminate processed foods with high fat and salt content.
• Eliminate industrially processed trans-fat, and frozen foods as they do not provide any
nutritional value.
• Avoid your intake of soft drinks, sodas and drinks that are high in sugar.

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is crucial. But what is equally important is to stay at
home and maintain social distance in public places. Protect yourself from COVID-19 by
wearing masks and washing your hands often. In case of professional guidance, you can
contact Kanupriya Khanna, one of the best dietitians in Delhi who is also a Senior
Consultant and Dietitian with over 17 years of work experience.


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