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Can COVID Positive Moms Breastfeed?

Can Covid Positive Women Breastfeed?

Can COVID Positive Moms Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is vital for the nutrition and development of infants. The World Health Organization recommends new mothers continue to breastfeed their baby for the first six months.

But, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, concerns have been raised about whether COVID positive mothers should breastfeed their baby or not? New mothers are concerned about the transmission of the virus through breastmilk.

COVID guidelines for lactating mothers:

o Do not discontinue breastfeeding

Until now, the virus has not been found in breast milk. New mothers can continue to breastfeed while following COVID protocols:

  • Wear a mask during nursing your baby
  • Sanitise your hands before touching the baby
  • Disinfect the surfaces you touch regularly

o Use a cup and spoon if you are can’t breastfeed

If you are too sick to breastfeed, then use a clean cup and spoon to feed your baby. You can express your milk and ask any non-infected family member to feed the baby. But always wear a mask and sanitise your hands while expressing.


WHO Recommendations on Breastfeeding during COVID-19

WHO recommends that suspected or confirmed COVID positive mothers should not discontinue breastfeeding. The benefits of breastfeeding extensively surpass the possible risks for transmission. The mother and the child should establish skin to skin contact, including Kangaroo mother care, immediately after birth.


Conclusion- Can COVID Positive Moms Breastfeed? 

The pandemic has created many doubts among new mothers that whether feeding breast milk during this pandemic is safe or not. But your breast milk is a major food for your baby and it provides the required nutrition that is necessary for your baby’s development. So, keep breastfeeding your baby during the pandemic.

In case you want any expert advice on your baby’s nutrition during this pandemic, then contact Kanupriya Khanna. She is a Senior Consultant Nutritionist and Dietitian with over 18 years of work experience in child nutrition and is known as one of the best dietitians in Delhi for child nutrition.


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