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Kanupriya is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She is super knowledgeable and takes her time to design individualized plans for her clients!
From weight loose journey to getting pregnant and managing gestational diabetes, I can’t be thankful enough to her.
Working with Kanupriya is like working with a friend who happens to know everything about your health. As a first time Mum to be, struggling with first trimester symptoms, I was absolutely terrified. Following her advice, I could manage everything smoothly including all body changes during first trimester.
During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes from the very start and was given insights of diet, physical activity to maintain blood glucose and being mindful of cravings at the same time.
Her diet plan has helped to satisfy cravings providing alternatives while maintaining good sugar control. She shared deep knowledge of different foods thoroughout pregnancy that helped me achieve a healthy body and baby without compromising on cravings, nutritional needs, inappropriate weight gain and staying away from insulin treatment. I was able to understand the condition and find recipes and the support I needed to get through my pregnancy healthily and have a healthy baby.
My doctor was surprised that I could go without insulin until 34 weeks of pregnancy.
When it comes to pregnancy, there are many advices by mother, friends, doctors and Mr. Google.
Kanupriya has not only helped to understand them but ways to follow and introduce in diet appropriately. I could maintain a level of consistency in all nutritional needs and highly recommend her.

Diptesh Arora, Hong Kong

Post second child birth I had put on a lot of weight (100kg)as I started only on a big weight ( 93 kg).
It took me a while to contemplate and start my weight loss journey as I had always focused on exercise and physical activity. I didn’t have much knowledge about food nutrition.
Being with Kanupriya gave me a new sense of know how of food nutrition, the options, substitutions, timings, learning the art of balance and many subtle things which play a great role in daily life.
I now feel healthy, lighter and more active. My back ache has almost vanished. My knees don’t make a crackling noise. I can climb stairs.
In short , Kanupriya holds your hand and empowers you to make your own choices and help you reach your goal in a more holistic way . She understands the problem and targets it effectively and eliminates it completely.
She is teaching me the power of nutrition as I continue to progress on my weight loss journey.

Dr. Anubha Gupta, New Delhi

My experience with Kanupriya has been the very best so far. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age. I have, since, struggled with constant pain and flare-ups which disrupted my lifestyle and mental health.
In a short span of 5-6 months, Kanupriya’s plan has managed to reverse a lot of these chronic changes and has given me a fresh start in life. She opted for a very rigorous, yet holistic diet plan that reduced inflammation, eased my symptoms and led to a lot of positive changes in my stamina, functionality, as well as my mental health. She is dedicated and sincere to a fault in her efforts, and I cannot thank her enough for the way she helped me through things.

Anonymous,, New Delhi

The first thing which came to my mind after I found out I was expecting was what should I eat? I was confused especially with nausea, food & smell aversions onset. I reached out to Kanupriya around 10 weeks and we began our journey with objective of healthy pregnancy. I was initially a bit unsure how the same would progress as it would be completely online considering different locations we are located – but extremely happy with her approach on personal video consultations for every connect and give a personal touch. My first trimester was a bit of roller coaster with nausea, tiredness, smell aversions – which she made sure to incorporate and customise the intake of fruits, liquids and tips to manoeuvre it. As pregnancy progresses, she does make sure to keep an eye out on growth of baby, glucose levels, any other challenges which I face and adjust the nutrition accordingly. Yes, at times she is definitely strict about what should be done :p. The appreciative piece which I like was she understands your eating habits till now and will try to adjust to the same rather than introducing to a whole new gambit of things. Also, apart from nutrition, she shares tips and tricks and helps understand the changes body goes through and supports mental health. Overall, I had a great experience and I am glad to have her as a guiding role to manage the most important piece of pregnancy: NUTRITION. Thanks Kanupriya for all your handwork, support and positive attitude.

Riya Amin, Hong Kong

Karamele’s desserts are super healthy and delicious and you won’t even realize that they are gluten and sugar -free. I order from them regularly and absolutely love them.
From their cakes, muffins to ice creams, everything is highly recommended.

Nandini Bhartiya

Kanupriya is utmost professional yet has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. Last year after few months of unsuccessful trial to conceive, I was advised by my doctor to reduce weight. When I got in touch with Kanupriya, she helped me understand my body type and work on it accordingly. Her mental support along with nutrition plan has made dieting enjoyable for me.

Not only have I able to loss weight, but I also got pregnant naturally.

Thank you Kanupriya for not just the dietary help but for being my real mentor and friend.


Thank you Dr. Kanupriya for all your guidance and patience. I was not only able to bring my blood sugar levels under control, but was also able to fulfill my sweet cravings. I am so happy and blessed to have had you guiding me, on my journey of delivering a healthy baby girl. My husband and I shall always be indebted to you.


My five year old is a fussy  eater and we are vegetarians. I was very worried about my son’s nutrition intake and so I contacted Kanpuriya. She explained to me what food groups I could work with to plan balanced meals for my son. Her suggestions were simple and included food items that are easily available. Sometimes her suggestions are so much fun that I continue them for the rest of the family also. For example she suggested a colourful burger patty in which along with potato she asked me to add beetroot for pink, peas for a green, and cauliflower for white. These vegetables add more nutrition than plain potatoes, do not have a strong taste and so my son is happy and the colours make presentation fun. Meal times are less stressful for me and more fun for him now.


My experience with Dr kanupriya has been wonderful so far. She has changed my concept of dieting  completely. She’s an excellent dietician and has a very understanding approach. She believes in giving you complete and wholesome nutrition and at the same time manages to achieve excellent results.
She also offers you flexibility in the diet with multiple options for all meals. This ensures that you dont find the diet exhausting in anyway.
One of the best things that I feel with her is that she is very easily accessible and you can reach out to her at anytime with any issue you might be facing.
Also she doesn’t let you feel guilty about any deviations you might have had such as a meal outside etc.
All in all, my experience with her has been more about introducing lasting lifestyle changes than about a strict or gruelling diet routine.


I had been married for seven years and was unable to concieve. I had undergone 2 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF cycles.  Doctors advised me to lose weight. I used to be depressed and food was my solace. When I met Kanpuriya, she explained to me that weight loss was not a one time activity but I had to start selecting a healthier way of life, always. She gave me an easy to follow diet plan – what to choose from and what to restrict. The best part was that i was allowed to indulge in my favorite desserts occasionally.  She suggested simple activities such as walks and yoga – all easy to include in my routine. After meeting Kanpuriya I became a more positive individual. Six months later I lost 10 kgs, and conceived. Even now as a mother I have more energy than most new mothers. She showed me what “way to good health and happy life” means.


I have a 14 year old teenager who wanted to eat only fast food everyday. As a mother that was not acceptable. I was at my wits’ ends when a friend suggested we meet Kanupriya. Patiently she explained to my son the importance of nutrition – especially as he trains in football.  She displayed how processed foods lack all the nutrients that are needed by a sports person. Equally she explained to me that my son was not aiming to be a professional sports person and so an occasional junk day should be ok to ensure that his cravings are met and he is a happy youngster. That did the trick. We struck a balance and found that we could both understand how to build a healthier life together. Thank you, Kanupriya.


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