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Riya Amin, Hong Kong

The first thing which came to my mind after I found out I was expecting was what should I eat? I was confused especially with nausea, food & smell aversions onset. I reached out to Kanupriya around 10 weeks and we began our journey with objective of healthy pregnancy. I was initially a bit unsure how the same would progress as it would be completely online considering different locations we are located – but extremely happy with her approach on personal video consultations for every connect and give a personal touch. My first trimester was a bit of roller coaster with nausea, tiredness, smell aversions – which she made sure to incorporate and customise the intake of fruits, liquids and tips to manoeuvre it. As pregnancy progresses, she does make sure to keep an eye out on growth of baby, glucose levels, any other challenges which I face and adjust the nutrition accordingly. Yes, at times she is definitely strict about what should be done :p. The appreciative piece which I like was she understands your eating habits till now and will try to adjust to the same rather than introducing to a whole new gambit of things. Also, apart from nutrition, she shares tips and tricks and helps understand the changes body goes through and supports mental health. Overall, I had a great experience and I am glad to have her as a guiding role to manage the most important piece of pregnancy: NUTRITION. Thanks Kanupriya for all your handwork, support and positive attitude.

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