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Priyanka Sethi, New Delhi

I had been married for seven years and was unable to concieve. I had undergone 2 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF cycles.  Doctors advised me to lose weight. I used to be depressed and food was my solace. When I met Kanpuriya, she explained to me that weight loss was not a one time activity but I had to start selecting a healthier way of life, always. She gave me an easy to follow diet plan – what to choose from and what to restrict. The best part was that i was allowed to indulge in my favorite desserts occasionally.  She suggested simple activities such as walks and yoga – all easy to include in my routine. After meeting Kanpuriya I became a more positive individual. Six months later I lost 10 kgs, and conceived. Even now as a mother I have more energy than most new mothers. She showed me what “way to good health and happy life” means.

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