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Dr. Anubha Gupta, New Delhi

Post second child birth I had put on a lot of weight (100kg)as I started only on a big weight ( 93 kg).
It took me a while to contemplate and start my weight loss journey as I had always focused on exercise and physical activity. I didn’t have much knowledge about food nutrition.
Being with Kanupriya gave me a new sense of know how of food nutrition, the options, substitutions, timings, learning the art of balance and many subtle things which play a great role in daily life.
I now feel healthy, lighter and more active. My back ache has almost vanished. My knees don’t make a crackling noise. I can climb stairs.
In short , Kanupriya holds your hand and empowers you to make your own choices and help you reach your goal in a more holistic way . She understands the problem and targets it effectively and eliminates it completely.
She is teaching me the power of nutrition as I continue to progress on my weight loss journey.

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