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Diptesh Arora, Hong Kong

Kanupriya is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She is super knowledgeable and takes her time to design individualized plans for her clients!
From weight loose journey to getting pregnant and managing gestational diabetes, I can’t be thankful enough to her.
Working with Kanupriya is like working with a friend who happens to know everything about your health. As a first time Mum to be, struggling with first trimester symptoms, I was absolutely terrified. Following her advice, I could manage everything smoothly including all body changes during first trimester.
During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes from the very start and was given insights of diet, physical activity to maintain blood glucose and being mindful of cravings at the same time.
Her diet plan has helped to satisfy cravings providing alternatives while maintaining good sugar control. She shared deep knowledge of different foods thoroughout pregnancy that helped me achieve a healthy body and baby without compromising on cravings, nutritional needs, inappropriate weight gain and staying away from insulin treatment. I was able to understand the condition and find recipes and the support I needed to get through my pregnancy healthily and have a healthy baby.
My doctor was surprised that I could go without insulin until 34 weeks of pregnancy.
When it comes to pregnancy, there are many advices by mother, friends, doctors and Mr. Google.
Kanupriya has not only helped to understand them but ways to follow and introduce in diet appropriately. I could maintain a level of consistency in all nutritional needs and highly recommend her.

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