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Low Fat Cheesecakes (Eggless)

Low Fat Cheesecakes (Eggless)


Traditional cheesecakes are loaded with sugar, heavy cream (about 35% fat) and cream cheese; making the dessert high in fat. The eggless versions include any one of the following to help the dessert set: gelatin, corn flour or refined flour. All of these decrease the nutritional value further.

So to bring about a healthier version our recipe replaces heavy cream with low fat hung curd and as is our practice, we use no setting agents or artificial agents of any kind.

Our cheesecakes with 40% lower fat and calorie content will allow you to enjoy the winters without guilt. All taste and pleasure without gluttony.In our continuous endeavour to bring healthy and delicious desserts to you, we are extremely excited to tell you that we have included Eggless Cheesecakes in our repertoire. They have 30% lesser calories and fat compared to regular cheesecakes, but taste just as delicious.

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