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Dietician For Children

Dietician For Children

Dietician For Children

Nutrition for infants, toddlers and children

While adequate nutrition is vital throughout childhood, it is particularly crucial during the first 5 years of a child’s life. This is the time when children grow rapidly, and are entirely dependent on the parents for their food intake.  It is also these years that gives every individual the foundation of a varied and healthy diet.

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    In order to ensure complete nourishment for children, parents ought to know
    • exactly what their children should be eating and in what amounts
    • how frequently should they be eating
    • how to identify any food allergies
    • how to make a fussy toddler eat
    • healthy school tiffin ideas
    • healthy after school or playground snack recipes
    • healthy and easy dinner recipes
    Dietitian For Kids

    As a child dietitian and a mother of two myself, I understand the health needs and cravings of children extremely well. This combined with my knowledge of nutrition and health, allows me to help mothers from the very beginning.

    At Kanupriya, we help mothers eat well themselves, to be able to feed their infant well. Next, we help mothers in introducing semi solid foods to infants at six months. We guide our patients with recipes for starter foods; explaining the ingredients, quantity, consistency/texture and the frequency of infant and toddler meals. More importantly we help parents identify food allergies and food sensitivities.

    As children grow, they may become fussy eaters. At Kanupriya, we help in designing menus that not only interest children but at the same time use fresh ingredients and foods that are easily available. For those times that children need to be children, we have devised ways to make healthy food appear so called ‘junk’ food.

    So if you are looking for healthy food recipes for kids get in touch with us. As a certified dietitian for kids, we can help you cater to the specific needs of your child.

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