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Dietary precautions to be taken during monsoon:

From Kanupriya’s Desk:

The monsoons have arrived in all their splendour. We all have got a respite from the blistering heat. Everything is green, fresh and beautiful. What better way to enjoy this weather than to indulge in our favourite foods, be it coffee with cookies, tea with a hot snack, etc.

But, this is also the weather when food and water borne illnesses like diarrhoea, typhoid, etc. are at their peak. It thus becomes very important to take certain precautions during this season when it comes to preparing, eating or storing foods.

Let’s take a look at some of the precautions:

  1. Food borne diseases and infections through water are very common in this season. So, make sure the water you are consuming is filtered and treated properly.  Drink only bottled water if outside.
  2. Take care when storing left over food. This is because, due to the high moisture content in the atmosphere, bacterial and fungal growth is very common during this season. Store any left over food in air tight containers and at low temperatures or in refrigerators.
  3. Avoid eating chaats, snacks, cut fruits and juices from roadside vendors. If you are eating out make sure the place you have chosen.
  4. Raw vegetables, meats and fruits must be washed carefully and thoroughly  before cooking or eating.
  5. Leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, etc. should ideally be washed in salt water before cooking to kill the germs.
  6. While traveling, it is best to eat whole fruits like peaches, pear, bananas and carry home cooked food during travels.
  7. Large quantity of fruits and vegetables should not be stored in the fridge as they tend to rot very soon.
  8. Always keep cooked  food covered and it must be consumed as soon as possible.
  9. keep raw and cooked food separately,  both when preparing and storing.
  10. Keep chopping blocks and worktops scrupulously clean.
  11. Meat should not be stored in the fridge above other foods. This is because if it drips, it can contaminate other foods, leading to food poisoning. It is best to store meats in air tight containers and in a separate shelf in the fridge.

Follow these guidelines to remain safe and healthy during the monsoons! Remember, prevention is better than cure.


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Sugar tax

In Philadelphia, USA, sugartax was implemented in January 2017. A study was carried out recently (published April 12, Am J Prev Med) on the effects of the sugar tax on consumption of sugarydrinks. This is what they found:

Consumption of soda was 40% lower after the first 2 months of the tax implementation. The daily consumption of energydrinks was 64% lower, and the 30-day regular soda consumption frequency was 38% lower.

Philadelphians were also 58% more likely to drink bottled water every day.

There’s enough evidence to suggest that consumption of sugary drinks not only leads to weight gain, but also higher risk of diabetesheartdisease and toothdecay.

This study strengthens the need for implementation of a similar tax in all countries. UK has taken the initiative, let’s hope the rest will follow soon.


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Water is the best drink

Upto 60% of the human body is made of water and daily water intake is essential to maintain the fluidbalance in our bodies. Many of us like to believe that teacoffee and areateddrinks can be counted towards the daily fluid requirement. Not quite and Pepsi Co seems to agree. A company based on selling processed snacks and drinks now wants to help consumers adopt healthierlife choices. To help people increase water intake they are looking to introduce flavoured water which uses no artificial flavouring.…/pepsis-new

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A new health suggestion is the inclusion of microgreens. Microgreens are greens that are harvested before they have ripened fully.

The variety of these nutritional dynamos is vast. It starts at everyday Indian kitchen staples cabbage, beetroots, coriander, mint , carrots, raddish, mustard greens and extends to the more exotic argula, chives, kale, watercress and basil.

The nutrition powerhouse of microgreens comes from –
1. 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients
Studies have shown that microgreens have 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than the same mature greens. Take for example cabbage which in the microgreen form has 40x Vit E and 6x Vit C. Our normal coriander is a great source of beta carotene, but the microgreen version has 3x of the nature’s betacarotene levels.

2. Packed with Antioxidants

#Microgreens have high levels polyphenols which contains antioxidant properties. These antioxidants keep the body fighting fit against freerdaicals that cause some of the most harmful chronic diseases.

With the above two it is obvious that microgreens will improve health and help prevent chronicdiseases.


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summer season

With the summer season having arrived, food tends to spoil easily. It is important to ensure that the food is stored properly in the refrigerator and not left outside. It is easy to have a case of food poisoning in such a weather.

Here are some pointers as to what to do in case of food poisoning:

If you or your is vomiting repeatedly, stop all solids and liquids. Give time for the digestive system to settle down. Then gradually start with water – about half a glass that should be sipped and finished in 30mins. If there is no vomiting, after another 30mins consume nimbu pani (ors). Again about 100 ml that should be sipped. You follow this with some coconut water after 2 hours. Then slowly and steadily build it up.

If you or your child is having loose motions – again follow the above protocol. In addition, after every motion eat 1 tsp esabgol mixed in half cup of yogurt. Follow this with ors.

In severe cases consult your doctor.

Build up the diet slowly and gradually. Take care and stay healthy. Take the necessary precautions to avoid any such episodes.


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