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Breakfast Cakes

Breakfast Cakes

Breakfast Cakes

Social distancing is the new norm and not necessarily an easy one to get used to. Especially where it concerns children! A mother of two, I realise this amply. Within 3 weeks of the “lockdown” I was hearing moans and groans on the breakfast table as oats porridge, oats cheela or even oats muffins made their appearance. Even patients and Karamele regulars began calling with woes of “boring” morning meals.

But knowing the benefits of oats I could not let anyone, neither my children nor my patients, leave this superfood out of their most important daily meal. It took quite some thinking to ensure that this powerhouse of fibre, protein, zinc, phosphorus, etc. could be given a new form and shape to have people flock to the breakfast table. More than ever it is now that we want to manage various lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, constipation and digestive disorders.

Many experiments in my kitchen led me to this new, fun and interesting oats dish that I am sure will entice everyone: from children to grandparents. And I have seen this in my family!

And so Karamele presents its unique: Breakfast Cakes!

Made with the 100% oats, milk(Almond milk is used for Vegan Cakes & Vegan option is available too), fresh fruit and organic jaggery, it’s every child’s taste bud buddy and every mom’s answer to a healthy breakfast for the entire family.

Available in over 15 different flavours, you’ll never be bored of eating oats again (Vegan option available).


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