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Diet and Nutrition Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy This Monsoon

Although monsoons offer relief from the sweaty and harsh summers, it does bring certain health risks. In fact, kids are more susceptible to health issues during the rainy season. Their body constantly gets affected by allergies, infections, digestion problems, etc. While it’s not possible to completely stop your kids from enjoying the rains, you can still take a few steps to keep your child hale and hearty during the monsoons.

We have listed down a healthy diet plan for kids which you as a parent can follow, in order to keep your child fit during the rains.

Kick Start Your Child’s Day With a Healthy Breakfast

For breakfast you can serve sandwiches (it should be grilled, avoid raw/cold sandwiches), hot parathas, oats idli, methi thepla, upma, poha, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can serve egg omelette or scrambled eggs with toast.
You can even serve homemade fresh juices and milkshakes for breakfast as they help restore energy. Moreover, by adding seeds like chia to the smoothies you can help them stay fit and active throughout the day.

Go For Vegetables

Include lots of coloured and green vegetables in your child’s diet plan. Vegetables have a good amount of nutrients and vitamins. They strengthen the immune system and prevent your child from falling ill in the rainy season. However, ensure you wash and clean the vegetables thoroughly with warm water to get rid of the accumulated dirt.
Note: Avoid vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, since they are more susceptible to worms or infection in the rainy season.

Include Natural Herbs

You must add fenugreek (methi) seeds, cumin (jeera) seeds, basil (tulsi) and mint to your child’s diet plan as they will prevent your child from all sorts of monsoon infections. You can even add hing, pepper, and turmeric in your food to aid your child’s digestive system.

Opt for Soups

If your child is bored with normal food every day, serve him/her a bowl of healthy soup. Come up with interesting combinations of vegetable soup to entice their tastebuds.

Pick the Monsoon Food – Corn

Add some boiled corn in your child’s diet. Corn is rich in vitamin B-1, vitamin C, folate and fibre. It is known to keep the heart healthy. Not only this, its constant consumption is effective in keeping the digestive system fit.

Food Items That Can Be Avoided

Stop your kid from consuming street foods such as pani puri, bhel puri, vada pav, samosas, and pakoras etc. Although these food items are tempting to have especially during the monsoon, they tend to contain bacteria that may cause illness.

Moreover, avoid fish and meat during the monsoons, as it may contain a lot of impurities. However, if you wish to serve seafood on some days, ensure you clean the fish thoroughly before consumption.

With all the guidelines on the list, make sure you make the monsoons fun for your kids.

However, if you are looking for more such ideas on a child diet plan – contact Kanupriya Khanna. One of the best child dietitians in Delhi, Kanupriya Khanna pioneers the science of healthy eating. Being a certified and experienced practitioner, she will be able to give you authentic food recipes for kids – for any season.

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Benefits of Eating Shatavari During Pregnancy

Shatavari or Asparagus Racemosus has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support the female reproductive system. Even doctors and fertility nutrition specialist consider it as wonder herb since it helps increase the chances of conception.

So in this section, let’s quickly look at the benefits of Shatavari:-

Improves Ovulation
One of the most important components of Shatavari is steroidal saponins. This component is known to be an excellent factor to regulate the production of estrogen which in turn promotes menstrual cycle regulation and better ovulation.

Improves Secretion of Cervical Mucus
Shatavari – is a mucilaginous and a warming Ayurvedic “sexual tonic”. It increases sensitivity to the female genitalia and helps the cervix secrete an adequate amount of mucous to help the sperm meet the egg.

Stimulates the Immune System
Studies show that Shatavari can stimulate the immune cells of the body. Widely used in Ayurveda as Rasayana for immunostimulation – this herb helps the body fight against various diseases. It speeds up the recovery time.

Restores Hormonal Imbalances
Shatavari is known to balance the female hormone level. It improves follicular maturity and stabilizes irregularities in the menstrual cycle all of which can enhance fertility and increase energy levels.

Increases Breast Milk Production
Shatavari is known to increase the level of milk during breastfeeding. It nurtures the mother’s body and helps her transit easily through the natural phases of life. Moreover, studies suggest that regular intake of Shatavari helps the mother and baby increase weight.

Shatavari grows throughout the year in every part of India, especially in the north. It can be taken in the form of a powder, tablet, capsule or liquid extract. However, if you need accurate details on how Shatavari can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding, ensure you consult a fertility nutrition specialist

A qualified fertility nutrition specialist will not only give you a proper pregnancy nutrition plan or a breastfeeding meal plan but will help you live a healthier and happier life.

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7 Ways to Increase Your Confidence During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often go through a lot of changes – emotionally, mentally and physically. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression are very common during pregnancy – and it’s natural, obviously because the entire nine months of pregnancy is something new. However, it is important to remember that all these negative things only increase the risk of problems for you and the baby.

So if you are one of those beautiful women who is undergoing this eventful phase of pregnancy, follow the tips given below. It is sure to increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem during pregnancy.

1. Read Pregnancy Books
Books give a feeling of empowerment and allow you to make the birth of your child a very personal and soulful experience. Books pack lots of information for new parents in one place. They address common pregnancy concerns, offer advice on how to create a comfortable birthing environment, and provide specific pregnancy nutrition guidelines for the various stages of your pregnancy.
In all, reading will drive away all your fears, thus making you more confident about yourself.

2. Dress Well
Confidence is all about taking care of yourself. Little things like showering, keeping your nails trimmed, brushing your hair, etc – can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself.

Try shopping for a variety of maternity clothes and pick a piece that makes you feel comfortable and cozy. If you cannot afford to step out of the house, opt for online shopping at the comfort of your couch.
You can also pick some freshly designed nursing tops and feeding tops in advance for your post pregnancy days. It will make you feel happy and excited and give your self-confidence the small boost it needs to get going further.

3. Communicate With Other Expecting Mothers
The best way to keep your fear away is to bond with other expecting mothers. This helps create a positive environment around you.  Share your thoughts, hopes, and fears with each other. Talk about different topics like pregnancy power foods, pregnancy mood swings, childbirth, different phases of pregnancy/ parenting, etc.
Spending time with other mothers, who are expecting, will increase your confidence and make you realize that you are not the only one who is going through this phase at the moment.

4. Exercise
Exercise goes a long way for a lot of aspects of life, from health and stress reduction to even confidence. When you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones that make you feel fresh and energized. Even a daily 20 min walk makes a huge difference. So start your exercise regime to instill that glow on your face.

5. Get adequate sleep
Inadequate amount of sleep or lack of rest creates irritation; it makes you feel grumpy and can render a negative impact on your pregnancy and delivery. So to ensure a healthy pregnancy as well as to ensure that the unborn baby is developing in a healthy atmosphere it is important to take adequate rest. A good nap in the afternoon and night will lead you to a healthy refreshing day ahead.

6. Have a Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plan
Eating a nutritious diet is essential to good health. It boosts your confidence and keeps you happy. Hence, ensure you stick to a healthy diet during your pregnancy.
The need for certain nutrients, such as iron, iodine, and folate, needs to be increased at this time. Hence ensure you enjoy a varied diet that includes the right amount of healthy foods from different food groups. This practice will surely provide your body with enough vitamin and mineral each day.

7. Consult a Pregnancy Nutrition Specialist
If you are eating an unbalanced diet and are having erratic meal patterns you may feel de-motivated and irritable during pregnancy. In such cases, it’s always advisable to consult a pregnancy nutrition specialist.  A qualified nutrition specialist will work closely with you, to help you choose the right foods for the best possible health.

Kanupriya Khanna is one such pregnancy nutrition specialist in Delhi who pioneers the science of healthy eating. She not only prepares a healthy pregnancy diet plan but also provides regular encouragement and motivation to pregnant women, to help them stay happy and confident during this precious phase of life.
For more information on Kanupriya Khanna visit: https://kanupriyakhanna.in/

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Advantages of Eating Gourd Vegetables During Pregnancy

Gourd vegetables are not liked by all for its bland taste, but in reality, they are considered to be very healthy. They offer numerous health benefits, especially for pregnant women!

Pregnant women need to strengthen their immune system as their nutrients get used up very quickly in the path towards the delivery of their baby. Including gourd vegetables in the pregnancy nutrition plan can fulfill this requirement.

Different Kind of Gourd Vegetables That Can Be Included in Pregnancy Diet Plan

Bitter Gourd – Karela
Hemorrhoids and constipation are some of the most common health issues that majority of pregnant women face during this phase. Bitter gourd contains lots of fiber that is helpful in combating both these issues.

Bottle Gourd – Lauki, Dudhi, Ghiya
Bottle guard is not only rich in antioxidants but is also packed with minerals and water. Hence including bottle gourd in a pregnancy diet plan can help in hydration, improve nutritional value of the diet and thereby benefit both the mother and the baby.

Ash Gourd – Raakh Laukee
Ash gourd is yet another pregnancy power food. Since the vegetable has antioxidant effects, it helps in inhibiting gastric mucosal damage. It also helps in treating acid reflux syndrome and constipation.

Pointed Gourd – Parwal
Pointed Gourd it is a great food for pregnant women. It provides good amounts of vitamin A and C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and many other micronutrients; while, it has only a few calories. Hence this vegetable helps you maintain your calorie intake while enhancing nutritional consumption.

Ridge Gourd – Torai
Ridge gourd strengthens liver functioning, purifies the blood and regulates blood glucose levels. Rich in fiber, this superfood also helps maintain appropriate weight during pregnancy.

There are many such vegetables that offer great nutritional value to pregnant women.

However, if you are looking to chalk out a balanced diet plan for pregnant women, it may be worthwhile to consult a qualified nutritionist who will prepare a balanced pregnancy nutrition plan. A qualified nutritionist will not only take into consideration the pregnancy requirements but will also consider if any allergies or medical complications that pregnant woman may be suffering from.

Kanupriya is one such qualified dietician in Delhi who will give you honest, clear and concise advice on how and what to eat.

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Things You Need To Do During Your Second Trimester

The second trimester is from 4th to 6th months of your pregnancy. As you go through the second trimester, you’ll gradually see your ‘bump’ grow and later you’ll start feeling your baby is moving. This is a time when lots of women tell the world they’re pregnant.

In this section, we have listed down a few things that you can do during your second trimester to help you stay healthy and happy during your pregnancy.

During the second trimester an additional 250 calories (approx) a day are needed for you and the baby. The food you eat is the main source of nourishment for your baby, so it’s important to consume proper foods that are rich in nutrients. Iron and calcium re the two most important nutrients during this time, so make sure you include these in your daily diet. it is also highly recommended to prepare and cook meals at home to ensure you minimise your risk of food poisoning or gastritis attacks.

Shop for Maternity Wear
At this point in your pregnancy, you should be starting to get a belly. Trying to fit into your pre-pregnancy pants may be a bit of challenge. This is a good time to start exploring maternity wear and identifying outlets for the same.

Go For a Yoga Session
Visiting a yoga session during your second trimester is a great idea. A good pregnancy yoga trainer will help you relax your body and mind with some simple yoga stretches.  At the same time, you’ll also find it easier to control your weight gain if you do yoga regularly and diligently.

Start Moisturizing
Now that you have identified or picked up your maternity wear, make sure you also take care of your skin. Start moisturizing your tummy, hips, upper arms and thighs. You should do it twice daily- once after bathing in the morning and second before bedtime. This can prevent stretch marks and will reduce the itchiness. 

Go On a Date With Your Partner
Pick one gorgeous dress and go for a candlelight dinner or on a movie date with your husband. Either way, it will help you relieve stress and make you feel happy during your precious days.

Pregnancy and having a baby can be an exciting time. But, it can also be a time of immense pressure. Moreover, a ‘to be mother’ gets dozens of suggestions and advice from everyone who she interacts with during her pregnancy. Some even take to the internet to find answers. However, with too much of information overload, it’s obvious for a person to get confused. Hence it’s always advisable to contact a pregnancy counselor or a pregnancy nutritionist specialist at this stage.  A qualified pregnancy counselor or a pregnancy nutritionist specialist will give you precise guidance so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable pregnancy phase.

Kanupriya Khanna is one such pregnancy nutrition specialist who works with young women, would-be-mothers, and children – in improving nutrition intake and dietary habits, keeping in mind individual needs and family setups so that there is no disruption to daily life.

For more information about Kanupriya Khanna visit: https://kanupriyakhanna.in/

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