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Most ancient systems of medicine, from Ayurveda to Chinese, and most physicians, from Hippocrates to the current experts, all agree on one fact – with the correct diet most ailments can be prevented. This learning was an integral part of Kanupriya‘s growing up years and it is this that prompted her to select a career in nutrition and dietetics.

Kanupriya is one of the best dieticians in Delhi. After completing Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from SNDT University, Mumbai, Kanupriya went to King’s College, London, where she earned her MSc in Nutrition. Just as she selected premier institutions for education, her almost 20 years’ experience has been at the country’s leading healthcare establishments including Bombay Hospital, Hinduja Hospital (Mumbai), Jaslok Hospital (Mumbai) and as Chief Dietician at Fortis La Femme (New Delhi).

Since 2003, Kanupriya has been working with women to improve their nutritional intake to aid weight loss and conceiving, improve pre and postnatal health of the mother and child, and working with mothers and children to create more wholesome food habits with least restrictions and disruptions. She pioneers the science of healthy eating, using fresh ingredients and foods that are easily available and can be integrated easily into daily lives.

A mother of two herself, she understands the health needs and cravings of children extremely well. To start inculcating healthy eating and nutritious habits with her family, she combined her education and experience with experiments in the kitchen and born was Karamele – a range of healthy breakfast granolas, snack bars, etc. With Karamele, Kanupriya is extending her knowledge and passion for healthy eating to anyone who wants to live a healthier and happier life.

If you’re looking for the best nutritionist in Delhi, Kanupriya would be your ideal choice!! A certified practitioner, she is the one who will give you honest, clear and concise advice on how and what to eat.

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